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jordan: 23.
western new york.

likes: top gear, formula 1, genesis, sherlock holmes, and grammar.

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Anonymous Asked:
You and your car are so cute!!! You gotta post the name as soon as you figure it out

My answer:

awww thank you!

don’t worry, i will! :D

i am in love

  • 2014 ford fiesta se 5-door hatch
  • no name yet
  • fully loaded - seat heaters and ambient lighting [which changes colors, holllaaaaa]
  • after i test drove him he had 10 miles on him.
  • and i still have enough savings for a new laptop [and a trip to nyc in the fall to see matt!]

Say hello to my brand new baby.

Jimmy Carr: Laughing and Joking (2013)

spaceandstuffidk said: Fuck no but I hella want a fiesta good job friend

thanks girl!

i’m so excited. 

like work is going to be excruciating tomorrow because i’m going to be like CAR CAR CAR CAR SHOPPPINGGG FIESTAAAAAA for nine hours.