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jordan: 23.
western new york.

likes: top gear, formula 1, genesis, sherlock holmes, and grammar.

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sometimes i have to laugh because everyone at work thinks i’m a well-rounded, hilarious, confident, and smart human being who has her life together.

i have them all fooled.

 Jobyna Ralston, Harold Lloyd and a little friend

Girl Shy - (1924)

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Go on ANON and tell me what you think of me. I do not want to know who it is, at all. Don’t tell me who it is, don’t give me hints, don’t say your screen name. Tell me exactly what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat things. Don’t lie. If you hate me, tell me why. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. If you like me, tell me why. Tell me exactly what you think of me.


Westminster Bridge (by lorenzoviolone)


Bruno and Crofty having fun during Friday practice in China